Sandy Liang and Little Beast, a dog apparel brand, are ready to shock dog-lovers with an iconic collaboration of fresh, edgy, and ready-to-wear pup and pup parent clothing.

Pulling inspiration from nostalgia and girlhood, the clothing line takes a new approach to existing pup and pup-parent apparel. The collection consists of six different looks that come in both dog and human sizing for the viral twinning looks. Sandy Liang, a female Asian-American designer, pours her unique style into the pieces with floral detailing, playful color palettes, and bow accents.

Of the six designs, an overall favorite has been the Lil Mulled Cardigan. Entering the winter season, a matching wool-blend sweater set for both the pup and the parent is essential. The Lil Mulled Cardigan comes in the color carnation, a pale pink, and features a flat collar with buttons going down the center of the sweater.

The rest of the line continues to showcase Liang’s newfound and striking ability to design for both the human and pup, with the Lil Revetto leather belt/collar embossed in heart-shaped studs and the Lil Grass Fleece Jacket featuring groovy white flowers on a plush burgundy fabric.

The Sandy Liang X Little Beast collab is a collection you can’t miss if you’re a dog owner looking for a way to spice up you and your pet’s wardrobes.

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