A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, maybe even sweeter. So yes, MINI V has become GEN V.

Like, whatever. Things change.

In fact, change is the very thing GEN V captures. It is a snapshot of creativity in motion—actors, musicians, models, artists, chefs, and social media stars in the midst of metamorphosing their careers and industries. There is a strong sense of evolution and growth—a rose leaning into the sunlight to flourish.

But what is GEN V?

It is a generation, but an unrestricted one—anyone can have le gen V, or “V gene” as they say in French. It’s a nod to generating creativity, to genius, to the full range of genders. It is the slightly grit-tier, younger sibling to V and VMAN, influenced by the intersection of subcultures and high fashion. Are you GEN V?

—Mathias Rosenzweig (Editor-in-Chief, GEN V)