The creative and collaborative relationship between Dr. Martens and Rick Owens has been well-established. Since 2021, the two fashion giants have explored the sculptural potential of Dr. Martens silhouettes and Rick Owens penchant for architectural boots in a string of sought-after collections. The latest collaboration continues the Dr. Martens x Rick Owens legacy, building on these exaggerated Gothic foundations and adding a dash of innovation from 14XX, a design incubator.  

Courtesy of Dr. Martens

The newest silhouette stands on the new DMXL sole, formed from a lightweight EVA compound base with resilient PVC pods. The inflated sole is an exaggeration of the classic Dr. Marten construction finished with Rick Owens details. It’s on this platform that the latest Dr. Martens x Rick Owens capsule comes alive. The inflated contours of the sole of the 1460 DMXL Megalace boot are matched with exaggerated height across the boot’s upper, extending the size of the tongue. Rick Owens-esk details round out the Lunar leather boot; The signature pearl megalace pattern, signed with Dr. Martens script, extends into the heel loop and is anchored by brushed silver hardware. The sole, of course, is secured with Dr. Martens unmistakable yellow welt stitching.

The newest Dr. Martens x Rick Owens collaboration is brought to life by London-based Turkish producer, performer and DJ, Sissy Misfit. Known for her innovative blend of electronic, industrial, hardcore, and pop music and conceptual performance style, Sissy Misfit pairs perfectly with the subversiveness of Dr. Martens x Rick Owens latest creative era.

Courtesy of Dr. Martens

“I love using our collaboration to celebrate raw and ferocious self-invented abandon like that of Sissy Misfit, blasting techno with trans power. Dr. Martens always represented inspirational subculture to me and I like honoring that tradition.” –Rick Owens

The Dr. Martens x Rick Owens second drop launches March 7th at, and select partners. 

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