Miu Miu is back with its fourth, limited-edition upcycled collection that breathes new life into old clothing. This launch coincides with a new capsule collection to commemorate the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Both collections stay true to Miu Miu’s core tenet of heritage by pulling both inspiration and materials from the past to show us renewed and innovative designs.

The campaign comes full circle as actress Ever Anderson, the first ever GEN V (formerly known as MINI V) muse who wore Miu Miu on the cover, was selected to star in the campaign. Anderson is accompanied by model Huijia Chen as the duo helps realize the inspired vision of the upcycled collection.

Denim was selected as the focus for this upcycled collection for its uniquely durable qualities and ability to showcase the memory of a garment through fading. The former garment is transformed into an assortment of different styles through the use of deconstructing and refashioning by hand. The flower embroideries that adorn these looks stay true to the message of the collection by delving into 1950s haute couture and finding inspiration from fashion history.

Leather is a staple of the Miu Miu brand and the Upcycled Patch bag utilizes the brand’s leather remnants to create a beautiful accessory from material that typically went overlooked. All of these processes have resulted in a collection that tells a vivid story every time a customer wears their piece.

While practices like greenwashing are sweeping sustainability trends, Miu Miu went the extra step to achieve transparency by partnering with a non-profit firm utilizing blockchain technologies. This allows the customer to track the journey of their garment and have some, typically difficult to achieve, peace of mind.

The Miu Miu Upcycled Denim and Patch bag collections are now available in selected Miu Miu stores worldwide and on miumiu.com.

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