Just like their name, “POW,” the 5-member boy group represented by GRID Entertainment has entered the spotlight with a bang. Comprising of members Yorch, Hyunbin, Jungbin, Dongyeon, and Hong, the charming vocalists aim to bring a fresh and entertaining experience for listeners worldwide. 

The quintet first stepped onto the music grid through a series of online and offline promotions for their pre-debut single, ‘Favorite,’ which premiered on streaming platforms earlier this fall on September 13th. The track introduced the band with an upbeat and melodic tune with a nostalgic message about the warm memories of being young and innocent. Shortly after, on October 11th, came the four-track debut EP, “1st EP [Favorite],” which featured three additional tracks to their pre-debut single. The songs “Dazzling” and “Slow Dancing” offer a slightly warm and fuzzy departure from the first track, “Favorite.” Then arrives the grand finale of “Amazing,” a sugary 808-driven bounce, tying the bow on the project. 

Ready to meet the boys? The group caught up with GEN V to reveal their musical inspirations, unique bond as a unit, what listeners can look forward to next, and more! 

GEN V: Can each of you introduce and share a little bit about what inspired you to pursue music? 

Dongyeon: Hello, everyone. This is POW’s Dongyeon. I first dreamed of becoming a musician after watching BTS’s performances.

Hyunbin: Hello, this is Hyunbin, POW’s vitamin. I’ve always enjoyed being in the car with my parents and listening to music. Then, one day, I got a chance at an audition after signing up at an academy where my sibling was. The dream became more serious once I signed with our label.

Jungbin: This is Jungbin, POW’s leader. I’ve loved music since I was young, growing up surrounded by it. Dreaming of becoming a musician was a natural progression, and with that as the starting point, I’ve arrived at this point, becoming a performing idol.

Yorch: I’ve loved music my entire life. I wasn’t the best at singing, so I learned to dance. The more music I listened to, the stronger my desire grew to study it.

Hong: Growing up, my older sister absolutely loved K-pop. She was a big fan of BTS, and that caught up with me. Singing and dancing to their songs really piqued my interest in this path.

GEN V: What was it like meeting each other for the first time? Was it an instant connection?

Hyunbin: We all became close pretty quickly. It took me the longest to become close with Dongyeon. I’m a shy type, and he is too.

Jungbin: I wanted to be close with all of the members as soon as I met them. It really didn’t take us long to achieve that. We’ve been roommates since our trainee days, after all, so that helped too.

Yorch: I didn’t talk much when I first met our members. Thankfully, everyone approached me first very easily, and since many of our interests overlap, we didn’t take long to become close.

Dongyeon: I tend to be shy at first, so I can’t say it was easy in the beginning. But thanks to the members who didn’t mind approaching me first, we became very close within a short period of time.

Hong: It didn’t take us long. All of the members are older than me, and they were so kind and caring from the get-go.

GEN V: Where does the name POW come from? 

Jungbin: We heard that the name POW was decided from way back when we were just trainees. Just like the name suggests, it’s our aim to bring an exciting bang to the music scene along with fresh, new experiences. 

GEN V: How would you describe the vibe of your music?

Dongyeon: Our music, overall, carries a European youth style. Our EP ‘Favorite’ radiates energies and stories of youthful spirit, first love, and nostalgia. Our concept and music will continually evolve at the pace of our personal development. Our unique core will persist, while showcasing its colors from various angles.

GEN V: You’ve gained over 100K followers on Instagram, what was your reaction to gaining a following so quickly? 

Hyunbin: We strive not to fixate too much on the implications of numbers, but, naturally, they do capture our attention. The count of our followers is no exception. Although we have much more in store, the attention we’ve received so far is truly appreciated. We will consistently work hard to maintain it.

GEN V: You just recently released your debut EP, do you have a favorite song off the project that you’re most excited to perform? 

Dongyeon: Fortunately, we’ve had the chance to perform all the tracks on stage, and I’ve come to realize that each one emits a distinct vibe. ‘Amazing’ is a powerful song that instantly illuminates the stage and the audience. ‘Favorite’ feels like a leisurely picnic in the park, while ‘Dazzling’ serves as a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Finally, ‘Slow Dancing’ is a song that evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling in the heart.

GEN V: What’s the biggest strength that each member brings to the group? 

Yorch: Jungbin is a strategic leader. He organizes all the plans for the team. Dongyeon takes the lead in our dance practice sessions. Hong and Hyunbin serve as energy-boosting vitamins in our group. During late nights when our energy is low, Hyunbin and Hong instinctively know how to lift up the atmosphere. Despite being the oldest, I feel like the baby of the group.

GEN V: What hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing as a group outside of music? 

Jungbin: We’ve been working out at the gym together. Initially, I was the only one into working out, but over time, all of us have collectively come to feel the importance of enhancing our energy levels and practicing self-care.

GEN V: If you could play any city in the world, where would you go?

Dongyeon: I’d love to go to LA and go on a fun adventure without being constrained by any schedule. 

Yorch: I want to visit Japan. I just love sashimi and sushi so much, I want to taste the real deal.

Jungbin: Maldives for me. I really love the ocean and it would mean the world to me to go to Vaadhoo island and see the sea of stars. 

Hyunbin: I want to visit Manchester because I’m really interested in soccer. I’m a big fan of Manchester United and it would be cool to visit England, the soccer mecca.

Hong: I want to go to Vladivostok because I hear traditional Russian meals are delicious. 

GEN V: Is there anything upcoming that fans should be on the lookout for that you can share with us?

Jungbin: We are in diligent preparations for the upcoming NEIGHBORS CON in Japan and the K-LINK FESTIVAL, which can be seen as one of the final promotions for our ‘Favorite’ EP. Please stay tuned for more updates!

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