She a baddie with her baddie friend.

Instagram’s new podcast “Close Friends Only” unveils its first episode, titled “Trend Talk with Doja Cat & Ice Spice.” The two icons dive deep into all the dirty Instagram details from trends like crazy memes and “core” aesthetics to content from creators they love.

Courtesy of Instagram

The rappers indulge in spicy secrets whilst playing rapid-fire games, initiating a handful of delightfully unfiltered moments. Fears and icks are revealed, including Ice Spice’s fear of spiders and Doja Cat’s disdain for the inability to feel a vibe from a room. Celeb Crushes are deliciously explored, along with a 411 into properly flirting on the gram. Doja dishes on being labeled “unoriginal”, with an interesting take on her 2023 era. Inspirations are uncovered, alongside musical goals such as winning a Grammy Award, Doja Cat revealing her favorite lyric she’s written, their best fashion looks from 2023, and Doja Cat calling out “blokette” as the fashion trend she’s most into for 2024.

The “Close Friends Only” podcast debuts on streaming platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts on December 7.

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