Soaring to new heights seems almost too easy for Nicholas Hamilton. The actor turned singer-songwriter turned mixologist is only 23 years old, and yet it feels like he’s already mastered the art of breaking into new industries. But, as he describes, “It’s a whirlwind!” 

Hamilton’s launch on the music scene came about as the COVID pandemic hit in 2020. During the initial lockdown, he shifted his full attention toward kicking off his singing career. The following year, he released his first-ever single, “Different Year,” and his first EP, Pretty Young. Fast forward to now and Hamilton is set to release his second EP, FATE. He has already put out multiple new singles and even sold out his first show at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall—not to mention his multiple on-screen roles gearing up to premiere as well.  “Finding time to write and release music and make social videos around film and TV shoots has been tough, but I love being busy,” the multihyphenate says. “It keeps me from hearing the voices,” he adds, joking. 

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Best known for roles in It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019), and Captain Fantastic (2016), Hamilton has a decade of acting under his belt. Continuing his tenure in the horror genre, he stars as Tod in the forthcoming movie Creepers, and will also make his docudrama debut as homeless teen Nathan Williams in the upcoming film Brave the Dark. Although these two characters are nothing alike, Hamilton says his process for both was the same. 

“Even though there’s more emotion behind Brave the Dark and there’s a certain level of sobriety you have to bring to a movie like that—especially when the person you’re playing is still alive and is one of the producers of the film—if I were to treat Tod with less gravitas and respect than I treated Nate, I shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place,” he says. Hamilton has also moved into the world of TV, starring in the upcoming series about an Indian family The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh, which he says is an entirely different beast—not only since it’s television, but also because it is a comedy. “Striving for laughs off of every line and making sure the pace and the rhythm of a scene is snappy and flows nicely is a challenge and a half,” he says, “but I loved doing it, and I love my character.”

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While it’s not unheard of for successful actors to become successful musicians, it’s uncommon to see a third title come about as well—mixologist. But Nicholas Hamilton has done just that. His TikTok account, which has now garnered millions of followers, is focused primarily on his love for making a good cocktail, as Hamilton says he simply loves creating. “Having my hands busy making something is one of the only things that stops me from feeling anxiety and stress on the daily.” Whether trying out his own drink recipes, learning from others, or getting help from ChatGPT and very old books, Hamilton has pretty much tasted it all. And though he declares picking a favorite drink is as difficult as picking a favorite child, he can easily pick out his least favorite, “I was once tagged in a video wherein someone said that mixing Bombay Sapphire Gin and Orange LaCroix ‘tastes like canned peas.’ To test it, I poured a can of peas into a glass and slurped the juice. Worst decision I’ve ever made.” 


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With his career continuing to expand and reach new corners of the creative world, Hamilton is also taking the time to share more of his personal life with his growing audience. His recent single, “Spins,” is a love song to his boyfriend, Jackson, who also often appears throughout Hamilton’s Instagram. He has been a partner with The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on suicide prevention programs for LGBTQIA+ youth, and, has rode on the company’s float at New York City’s Pride March this year with Jackson, NFL player Carl Nassib, and Australian soccer player Josh Cavallo. “I can’t say enough how much I love The Trevor Project,” Hamilton shares. “The work they do to support queer youth deserves all the plaudits in the world.”

And, for Hamilton, showing off these experiences online has been impactful for both him and his followers, sharing that he believes he’s become more open as a person. “If showing off the love I have for my boyfriend or attending Pride events makes one Instagram follower prouder of who they are, I’m happy to keep doing that more and more. I will say, I do want to play an openly gay character soon. It’s about time.”

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