You’d never guess there was a fashion show for socks taking place at first glance—not even the sudden influx of stylish attendees could tell you what exactly would be waiting for them inside. Amidst the four-day hustle and bustle of Berlin Fashion Week, a colorful assortment of socks was displayed on the runway for the first time in the German capital. And the brand gathering such a crowd was none other than Happy Socks. 

The Swedish brand made a pitstop at Berlin Fashion Week on Tuesday, Feb. 6, to present its newly-launched Solids Collection, made of socks in just one, solid color each. To everyone’s surprise, the show, titled “What Are You Hiding,” felt as vibrant and imaginative as its usual lines of patterned hosiery. But how does one make a kaleidoscope of rainbow socks stand out among a bevy of the city’s established ready-to-wear designers who are simultaneously showcasing their collections? It’s not what you would think—that is if a sock-abundant runway show ever crossed anyone’s mind before now. 

The collection channeled early rave references, icons, and music-inspired prints, all seen through a fresh, summery color palette. “Our Solids Collection was a ‘Eureka!’ moment for us,” says Paula Maso, Chief Design Officer of Happy Socks. “We’ve always seen ourselves as a maximalist brand, bringing bold designs to our fans, but then we thought, what about more subtle styles?” 

Maso adds the initial inspiration for the brand’s show came from a trip to the south of France to see La Horde, a French dance collective. “Their approach to movement is incredibly inspiring, and the show I saw was as if a rave and a ballet had a baby,” she tells GEN V. “All my senses were buzzing, and I immediately thought we had to honor the movement, music, and desire to dance.” 

From start to finish, Happy Socks’ first-ever runway showcase replicated that same jittery feeling Maso received on her trip. Every second was unexpectedly enthralling—Some models danced, pranced, and popped splits on the catwalk, while others jetted across the stage at full speed. Though seemingly performing at random, each model was meticulously choreographed by multidisciplinary creative Franka Marlene Foth. When it came to actually dressing the Solids Collection, Berlin-based stylist Theresa Gross paired the tall ankle socks with statement-blaring secondhand and vintage garments. As for the feet? Everything from sky-high heels to the viral Wales Bonner x Samba adidas. 

If there’s anything I took away from the event, it’s that the wearer truly defines what role socks play in their wardrobe. Right now, it’s more of a low-key essential rather than a standout in my closet, if I’m being honest. While I left the venue feeling a lot more enthusiastic about the vast world of socks, I still had one question for the Happy Socks team on my mind: Why Berlin Fashion Week, and why now? 

“After visiting Berlin Fashion Week a year ago, we realized Berlin is, in certain ways, the only fashion week with a ‘no rules’ mentality and freedom of creative expression without any commercial agenda,” says Aida Vrazalica, Head of Global Communications & PR at Happy Socks. “It was important for us to stick to our roots and ambition to have Happy Socks be for everyone, and not exclude any feet, no matter style or look.”

Courtesy of Happy Socks
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