Videos of Aliyah Bah (known as @aliyahsinterlude on TikTok) have likely flooded your “For You” feed, and rightfully so.

Known for her outlandish humor and taste for eye-catching tones and textures, Bah quickly grew a following by sharing her wardrobe in “get ready with me” style videos, a popular genre on the platform. Over the last few years, the Atlanta-born 20-year-old creator has dominated the digital fashion space, gaining 2.6 million followers on TikTok and 639,000 on Instagram. Bah has even created a new fashion genre: AliyahCore, an ultimate collision of Y2K, Harajuku, and alternative street styles with her creative vision.

GEN V invited Bah to direct a fashion shoot wherein she fully transported us to her universe. The visionary styled herself and friends Amanda Diallo, Anyer Akot, and Khadijah Barrie in a mix of miniskirts, chunky boots, fishnets, and fluffy earmuffs—staples of the creator’s wardrobe. Between the fashion and the animated expressions from the models, these photos tap into nostalgia for the early 2000s but with a uniquely modern twist—pure AliyahCore magic.

This story appears in the pages of GEN V3: now available for purchase!

Photography Edwig Henson

Fashion Aliyah Bah

Makeup Saint Knox

Hair Chaise Enrique (Factory Downtown)

Models Anyer Akot, Aliyah Bah, Khadijah Barrie, Amanda Diallo Manicure Jackie Saulsbery (Factory Downtown)

Photo assistant Sofiya Ryzhenko

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