During the midst of New York Fashion Week, Anna Sui brought the world of Agatha Christie to the show circuit, unveiling her latest collection at the beloved Strand book store—using the fictional character of Miss Marple as her muse to deliver another whimsical collection where Marc Jacobs, Sofia Coppola, and Debbie Harry of Blondie were sat in the front row to bear witness. Sat right there with the A-listers was Selah Marley, the model and rising it-girl who brought GEN V along for the ride as we got a behind-the-scenes look at her preppy-chic outfit before attending the show!

“show prep!! 💗🎀✨ we ended up going w the other tights but these were funnnn. side note: a tornado definitely flew around my room!! 😭🌪️”

“so excited for this look!! 🥰”

“we made itttt 🌟 absolutely in love with this ambient atmosphere!”

“omg jordannnn 🥰 i love seeing my friends on the runway!! ♥️ i hope i didn’t distract her haha”

“this bell cuff gave me everything i needed today”

“more funnnnn little picsssss haha thank you anna sui for giving me life today!!!”

“details!! 💎”

“the queen herself!! 👸🏻”

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