As the trend cycles push increasingly into vintage and thrifting territory, we have seen the recycling of older pieces being used in new and creative ways. Simultaneously, as inflation and the demand for fast fashion rises, the new generation has made it clear they desire unique, timeless pieces. Enter G-Star RAW x (di)vision’s collaboration. The two dynamic brands are adding their line of upcycled clothes to the conversation. Pulling from their rich archives, G-Star redid 96 (di)vision pieces and added an additional 96 limited-edition, G-Star Elwood jeans into the collection.

On Thursday, November 16th, G-Star RAW and (di)vision announced their upcycled collection in Copenhagen where (di)vision is based. Bringing back the best of Y2K from the 90s and 2000s, each piece features a distinct and unique aspect about it while each pair of jeans is carefully inscribed with the custom ’96 and (di)vision logo.

96 is no random number. In fact, G-Star Elwood and (di)vision’s co-founder and Creative Director Simon Wick were both born in 1996 making their brands even more fated for a collection like this one.

“G-Star have always worked with young talents, it’s important to us as we love to platform creativity. Supporting sustainable initiatives is also core to our brand DNA, so it’s exciting to work together with a fashion label whose whole ethos is around creating from what already exists.”

Gwenda Van Vliet, Chief Marketing Officer of G-Star RAW

(di)vision, founded in 2018, uses deadstock, recycled fabrics, vintage pieces, and upcycled overstock to recreate their pieces. It is their goal to use what already exists for all their pieces. Whereas G-Star is a master of denim, having worked with celebrities galore and every texture and color of denim you can imagine.

The capsule collection is unisex, featuring handmade pieces that range from jackets, cargo pants, jeans, tops, and even a few accessories. (di)vision intertwines perfectly with G-Star’s iconic Y2K pieces to bring them to the forefront of the fashion landscape with hints of current styles and trends in each upcycled piece. The G-Star Elwood limited-edition jeans are also set to make a splash in the landscape with their contemporary yet baggy style, perfect to match any of the other released pieces.

The G-Star x (di)vision capsule collection is exclusively available at the recently opened concept store ESSX, 140 Essex Street, New York while the G-Star x (di)vision Elwood jeans are available on and

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