The Tokyo-based four-girl pop group ATARSHII GAKKO! has ventured into the video game industry by partnering with 88rising and Microsoft to create and interactive video game titled QuestAG!

The game allows players to roleplay alongside one of the band’s members as they help conquer the Monsters of Fear. Powered by GPT 3.5, the game is a text-based experience, with real-time AI-assisted narration where players work toward their own ending to each chapter. 

The game arrives right before the girl group’s first-ever US tour this week, which has already been sold out, kicking off on November 7th in Los Angeles at The Fonda Theatre. The North American leg wraps up in Mexico City’s Corona Capital festival, after giving US and North American audiences a taste of their music and authenticity earlier this year at LA and New York music festivals.

Literally translating to “new school” from Japanese, ATARSHII GAKKO! wears sailor-fuku uniforms in a style worn by Japanese students in the 70s and 80s, refusing to be objectified, choosing to stray from their J-pop counterparts.  

Photography by Takeshi Kudo

In the coming weeks, ATARSHII GAKKO! will be sharing videos of their experiences while making the game in Japan as their excitement for the game grows along with their fans.

Be sure to check out the gaming site here!

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